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New York, NY 10027

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Jarid Faubel

Originally from small-town Ohio, Jarid knows how intimidating this city can be and how we all need a little help maneuvering our way around and through it. It isn't enough to just have a roof; the challenge is to find a home. A place where you can create your island of peace in the exciting sea of the city that never sleeps. When you are awake, a place that provides you the community, convenience, and opportunities you want for the price you need.

Jarid is also a working actor with a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University and is passionate about connecting with people and creating together. Since moving here a decade ago, Jarid has honed his skills at squaring the circle and finding "the fit". Whether you are buying, renting, or selling, Jarid will work for you and with you to find that fit. In him, you will find a quick-thinker, caring listener, and diligent worker who will treat you and your needs with the individual care it deserves.