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Levy Tewel

Levi was born and raised in New York City and is a veritable expert in its real estate. Drawn to real estate by its fast-paced nature, especially in NYC, Levi is passionate about helping his clients find realistic options that fit both their needs and budget. Levi can help you prioritize your needs while satisfying nearly all of your wants -- a true perk when it comes to finding the best home! With its rich culture, architectural and social history, Levi specializes in Harlem properties.

Levi personally views himself as a matchmaker rather than a salesman, believing that each and every property should speak to his clients’ needs and that honesty and integrity will always be keys to success. Ready to start looking for your next home and not sure where to start? Schedule an appointment with Levi, who will identify specifically what you’re looking for and help you each and every step along the way.